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Jakob Norstedt

Welcome to DNA-konsult!

It's time to launch DNA-konsult. At the Swedish company DNA-konsult it's easy to get help and assistance, either regarding browsing the first DNA results or a more comprehensive investigation of a DNA pedigree. Many of…
The Diary

September 12, 1815

Invitation for Lisa Erlandsdotter's funeral Elisabeth was born on March 11, 1811. She was the daughter of the Miner Erland Månsson and his wife Anna Margareta Norstedt at Lönnemossa estate in Hosjö east of Falun, Dalecarlia. On…
The Diary

September 25, 1811

Death of Catharina Norstedt Catharina Larsdotter Norstedt was born at Höjen just east of Falun on November 4, 1757 (according to Birth record). She was married to Anders Westling from Svärdsjö on December 27, 1790…
The Diary

The Diary – what is it?

I was able to borrow some boxes with old documents from Hosjö east of Falun, the parish of my great grandfathers ancestors. Among the documents there were plenty of old invitation cards, from the end…