Erbjudande - Finn dina förfäder
Jakob Norstedt
The Diary

September 25, 1811

Death of Catharina Norstedt

Catharina Larsdotter Norstedt was born at Höjen just east of Falun on November 4, 1757 (according to Birth record). She was married to Anders Westling from Svärdsjö on December 27, 1790 in Vika. They lived at Borgärdet, Svärdsjö where they had two children, Catharina Sophia och Lars Daniel.

Catharina Norstedt

Birth record: Stora Kopparberg (W) C:3 (1732-1767) Bild 215 (AID: v131760.b215, NAD: SE/ULA/12231)

Marriage record: Vika (W) EI:2 (1775-1859) Bild 21 / sid 30 (AID: v132444.b21.s30, NAD: SE/ULA/11687)

Household record: Svärdsjö (W) AI:16 (1805-1814) Bild 125 / sid 119 (AID: v131974.b125.s119, NAD: SE/ULA/12229)


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